The Bosses



Valeisha Butterfield Jones is an award-winning business leader with a 20-plus year career spanning the fields of entertainment, philanthropy, technology and politics. 

Valeisha is a North Carolina native and formerly served in executive roles at Obama for AmerIca, Google, and the United States Department of Commerce. She is also co-founder and CEO of the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN). 

Valeisha is a mother of two, and married to retired NBA Champion Dahntay Jones.



Yannize Joshua is an established marketing expert and well-respected business leader  within the worlds of beauty, talent management, and production. 

 Yannize is the Managing Partner of The TEKNIQUE Agency, with beauty and lifestyle divisions representing glam professionals and business leaders. Since its rebranding in 2014, TEKNIQUE has grossed over $7M in sales. Valeisha Butterfield Jones is managed by The Teknique Agency. 

She is also Founding Partner of Bosscon, a company centered around women’s professional and personal development; and Global Beauty Tribe, a digital platform curated for beauty professionals, creators, and enthusiasts of color. 

Yannize is a native Queens girl and splits her time between New York and Los Angeles. 



Tekoa K. Hash is a brilliant force with a fervent passion to operate as a change agent for beauty creatives and innovative thought leaders.  She has 25 years experience as a dot connector in entertainment, beauty, sports, and television. 

Tekoa is the Founding Partner of The Teknique Agency, a management firm which rebranded in 2014 and now grosses seven-figures in sales annually. Teknique represents celebrity beauty professionals and business leaders. 

Tekoa is also Founding Partner of Bosscon, a women’s empowerment brand; and Global Beauty Tribe, a digital platform for beauty creators of color.

Tekoa is a North Carolina native who now calls Atlanta home.